I added a carousel, but it won't send the message ...
# 🤝help
I created a basic carousel in botpress studio, it is a basic carousel with just text and a link, and when I try it in the the Test your chatbot section, I see the carousel, but I see this in logs: 05:03:14debugTransition from (flow:Main) [node:lead-gen] to [node:ai-chatbot-calendly] 05:03:14debugSending Message. Type: carousel. Text: undefined 05:03:14debugExecuting hook conversation_turn_action of agent "SummaryAgent" 05:03:14debugEnd of workflow 05:03:14debugExecuting hook conversation_turn_ended of agent "SummaryAgent" 05:03:14debugGenerating summary for conversation 2 new transcript lines... 05:03:16debugSummary successfully generated And when I try it in the widget, it just doesn't show the carousel. Any ideas why?
Any ideas what else to try?
Basically the question is why is this saying text undefined if the text is showing in the test part on the right side? But I guess that is the reason why the message is not showing in the widget
Still no ideas on what to try?
Id try unchecking summary agent mate
Thanks. I already tried it, it doesn't make a difference. The summary agent runs after this. I am not sure why it says "Text Undefined" for the carousel when the text is already in it
Is there another way to add a text with a button that will have a link?
I figured it out. Subtitle needs to be added, but I thought it was not mandatory
It is mandatory for channel web. We didn't put this in the documentation, but we're updating it today and it should be available soon