Using pdf as knowledge base - not working
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Hi , I have created a knowledge base (pdf) with some information . but the bot isnt answering from there (Knowledge base is enabled in that node) . I checked various things to see but cant get why , its answering a very generic response !! Adding images attached . 1st image is response I am getting from chatbot , 2nd is the pdf i am feeding into it . both are not matching . Please help. Thank you
hey @acceptable-kangaroo-64719 can you pls help , thank you so much
what does your whole flow look like?
hey @acceptable-kangaroo-64719 , This is a fitness coach assistant bot I am building . here I am attaching 3 screenshots and I'll explain them in sequence. 1)In the 1st image, in the node I am giving user 7 options for 'packages' to choose from . Once the user chooses something , 2) the 2nd image shows the node where based on what package user chose the bot tells them a motivation remark and asks if they need more help . 3) If they choose yes , in the 3rd image the node is enabled with Knowledge base wherein I ask AI tasker to look into knowledge base regarding what package user chose and share more details. This is where I am getting incorrect response (not from pdf but something generic)
Hey @acceptable-kangaroo-64719 any help above please? Thank you
Based on my understanding, for knowledge agent to answer anything you need to have the text card with this {{turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer}}
Ohh let me try this . Thank you
Do you have an example node screenshot pls ? I tried but it didnt work
Do you want to run it through AI or do you want just the KB to answer you directly
just KB to answer the question
just have a text card with this inside
If it doesnt work, then it might be because your capture information is not in the same node
Capture information has to be in the same node as the node that allows knowledge answering
okay , let me try this, thank you so much mate !!
That worked, thank you . Do you know how can I ask bot answer question (using KB) based on a variable captured 2 nodes before ?