Styler - Missing a few items?
# 🤝help
It looks like a couple of elements are missing from the Styler at How do I change the color of the input area? The generated css has this but I don't see a way in the styler interface to change it. #input-message { color: #000000; }
Also the classes bpw-date-container and bpw-small-line are missing in the styler. You are so close to having everything in there, seems a shame to have such a small handful of properties missing. 🙂
Don't know but you helped me with this post, I did not know this styler existed so thank you! I guess I'd say manually edit CSS output for now to add what you need but if I find the specific answer I'll come back and let you know.
I could not use the styler because it is missing a lot of options, and it uses the same color for so many elements. So I ended up doing it manually. Here is the CSS to change the color of the input area: .bpw-composer { background-color: #ffffff; }
@bright-magazine-792 could this be added to the styler?
Also bpw-botinfo- elements.