Stuck on the starting blocks
# 🤝help
Hi, I'm at the very early stage of trying to use BotPress and from the get-go, I'm finding it highly confusing. I thought today that I'd start using the step by step approach and associated help. The system issued a message saying that to do this I needed to use the Streamline Bot template. Fine. But the only templates I can see are AI Public Personality, Recipe Finder, Recruitment Bot and Basic (empty) . So where do I find the Streamlined Bot? Thanks
Hey @prehistoric-xylophone-5608 you can explore templates here. I'm not sure we have a streamlined bot template, but the chatGPT + plugins template is also a good choice to get started with
Thanks. Could I suggest that if there isn't a Streamlined Bot anymore, the message that pops up saying you need to use the Streamlined Bot gets updated? What is says at the moment is "Getting Started You must be in the streamlined bot template to use these! Sabrina profile Sabrina from Botpress"
You can do these tutorial tasks by creating a new bot and clicking "I need handholding"