User credentials from react js to botpress.
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i'm integrating botpress in react js application , is there any way to pass user credentials from react js to botpress so that i could execute code from bot properly to consume api endpoints ?
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Although it is not impossible, I would recommend waiting until we release an official API for using a bot in a browser. We are actively working on implementing a secure and reliable real-time API, which will be available soon enough. If you are eager to integrate Botpress with React, you can explore our CLI and SDK, which will be released in the coming weeks. The SDK will enable you to create an integration that provides access to APIs for sending messages to your bot. However, please note that you will still need to implement a real-time API that connects your React app to ensure proper functionality. Alternatively, you can consider using the messaging server. The current implementation of the Webchat relies on the messaging server, which was built for Botpress 12. However, I do not recommend this approach as using an undocumented API is susceptible to changes. Here are some resources to assist you in using the messaging server: