Help with bot flow
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Hi I want to build a bot for my dental clinic, I built a very large and well trained database. My goal right now is for the bot to work only on WhatsApp for customer service, meeting coordination, technical support and more. How should I build it in the best and most efficient way? For example my opening messages are hello if I may know your name please? Then the customer writes down the name and then I chose the capture information multi choices option, with the option of customer service, technical support, scheduling an appointment. As soon as the customer wants customer service or technical support, then I want him to work only on the basis of the data base I have and in chatgpt, but also to remember the name of the customer because he is currently ignoring it. And as soon as he chooses to make an appointment, then the language changes to English for me instead of the language I speak, even though I have defined the personality and settings of the bot that he will speak only in my language. If possible, please help or sketch how to build the bot, I would be very happy
Hi @worried-plumber-41429 while it is hard for me to specifically design your bot on the fly, we are currently working on a coursework on how to best design your bot, including it's flows and architecture, let me see if i cant get you an update on when this course would be available.