I am trying to ask a few questions and save answer...
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I want to create a flow where I save a few questions in variables. I have the capture as a single choice, with always below it. And the same in the next flow. But when I answer the single choice question, it repeats the question. In logs I get 12:46:28debugTransition from (flow:Main) [node:greet-user] to [node:Travel-from] 12:46:28debug[Capture] Start information capture 12:46:28debugSending Message. Type: choice. Text: Where are you traveling to? 12:46:28debugWaiting for user input 12:46:32debug[Capture] Transformed the extracted value 12:46:32debug[Capture] The extracted answer is 'null'. The user probably didn't answer the question. 12:46:32debug[Capture] Field extraction failed. Input: london 12:46:32debug[Capture] Extraction failed (0/2 attempts) 12:46:32debug[Capture] Retrying prompt 12:46:32debugSending Message. Type: choice. Text: Where are you traveling to? 12:46:32debugWaiting for user input What do I need to change so it continues with the flow?
Ignore this, I think I need to select Raw input instead of single choice