How to enable multilingual bot in v12?
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I have seen it in the past but not sure how? I would like to have two languages.
Hey @green-army-85614, you can enable the "Translation Agent" over in the agents tab int eh top left corner. If "Detect User Language" is selected, then the bot will respond in whatever language the user is using. You can also hard-code the language by using an Execute code card to set
to a 2-char language code like "es" for Spanish or "de" for German.
Also be aware that language detection might not work perfectly for one or two word messages, especially greetings. LLMs, like us, would have a hard time assigning "Hi" to any one specific language
Im using botpress v12, is it also possible here?
v12 can only do one language at a time. I actually don't remember off the top of my head how to change languages 😅 @flat-plumber-75402 do you remember?
The best way to do multilingual bots is with a 3rd party translation service like Google translate or DeepL. We've got some hooks you can use over at
Hey @green-army-85614 thanks for your question! In the future, please send all your v12-related questions to the v12 channel. Cheers 🙌