Citations in public bot answer
# 🤝help
Hi How can I add the citations into the public answer of the bot? This would be the best feature at all
Hey @blue-minister-3971, there's not an easy way to include citations right now. This would make a great post in #1111026806254993459 !
You can want one of two things for citations: - You want to know which place in the Knowledge base answers the question. It can be a link, a line number, a paragraph. - The other is you want a link that's mentioned in the knowledge-base itself and include that in the answer. @creamy-agency-21997 which one is the one you want?
I think this gets tricky because if I set a knowledge base to utilize YouTube, then it does a good job of searching YouTube and pulling links, but the links don’t seem to be organized in any particular way within the knowledge base, so even though I want to do your second option, the AI doesn’t seem to understand that it’s looking at separate links/videos
As somebody who is developing a bot for an academic institution citations are the most important things my client wants before launching publicly 😄 I agree with you! Excited for the day it happens