A very basic question about node displaying text
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I am sure this is a silly question - I am just trying to understand the logic of how exactly it works. I have an empty node - it has nothing in it, except for transferring to the end of the conversation. The start of the conversation is preceding it. The node is not taking any data from the user, and doesn't print anything out. Literally empty. Yet, when I type something in, it sends the query to the Knowledge Base and prints out the result. How does it work so without an excpliti info intake and explicit printing anything out?


Hello! There are no dumb questions! The knowledge agent is set by default to answer automatically on the first node. You have to go to the knowledge agent settings in the agent tab on the left side of the studio, deselect answer on first node, and then select manual answer only if that is what you want. This will also require you to pass the knowledge agents answer in a variable in a text card next in the workflow. On the window with these settings, it will give you the variable that you need to pass to the text card
I think I understand it now, but the following still doesn't work, though if I understand it correctly, it should. With these settings, seems to me that the Knowledge Base should be activated and answer the question entered by the user which activated the conversation. But it doesn't - the conversation begins and ends, without looking up KB. What am I missing?




You’re close! I don’t remember if it tells you in the chat that it found the answer if it looks it up and you don’t use the answer
But right now you just need to add a text card that says {{turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer}} and it will say the answer where you want it to
And it should work
I am free later tomorrow I can jump on a call to troubleshoot if you need
HI can I ask for assistance I am following along with the recipe botpress tutorial and trying to call the spoonacular api and not getting a response some please help


Please make a new help question so we can dive into there. I don’t see anything wrong with it right now though so I would just give the code to chat gpt and tell it that you got an error, and send it the error message from the logs
If that doesn’t work I’m happy to help further
I tried that an it to said there was no error and I just post it in the help thread.
I've tried - it's again not even trying to look it up!



I mean, when it goes to KB - it shows that it tried, even when it didn't come up with an answer. But in this case it's not even trying...
When I have "on start" on - it works fine. It's only when "on start" is off - then it doesn't look up KB.