Trigger isn't working anymore
# 🤝help
I built, tested, & published a trigger to send a message in the webchat following a new Conversation ID. It's currently working on the website I embeded it on. However, now within my editor (the unpublished version), I triggered a new convo & once it gets to a capture card, it allows me to put raw text in but it says converstation started (again) without after continuing with the workflow or answering the question. Then it immedaitely ends the convo. I need to make changes to the knowledge base & I don't want to publish this error. Could anyone help?

Close out the editor, and open it again. It will open to the version that you published
If it doesn’t work after that please include a screenshot of the break point so I can troublshoot
It breaks once I ask it a question with the capture card labeled "question." @User

@full-helmet-73535 what do you think about it?