Change variables
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07/14/2023, 3:11 PM
I am creating a chatbot for a pizzeria, at the end there is a confirmation for the order. If the user says no, i would like the user to say what he wants to change, and either the ai task or whatever can change the variables for the answer that the user said. Exemple: Bot: Pizza with mushrooms/pepperoni. Is this what you order? User: No Bot: What do you want to change? User: i dont want mushrooms but ananas Bot: I got it, so you want a pizza with ananas and pepperoni. Is this right ? User: yes . In this exemple, i want the bot to understand what variables need to be changed, change them and give the answer as provided in the exemple. Is this possible?


07/14/2023, 3:35 PM
this is possible. You can give ai tasks like: "Identify what they want changed in their order, and update the variable" You will have to play with different combinations... a general ai task, if crafted well might be able to adapt to all situations, but might have more chance for failure. (use less temperature) You might also want to break the ai tasks down into smaller chunks: Identify which variable needs to be changed, identify what it should be changed to, and then update it. The more layers you add, the more consistant it will be, but the less flexible for understanding edge cases or weird requests. Will take some testing, but 100% this can be done


07/14/2023, 4:07 PM
Did exactly that process before posting this. and it did not change any variables.
I found a way to do this with an execute code. But not its not capting the intent. Execute code "inline-ins-7e56f00374.js" Recognized intent: undefined Recognized entities: { name: 'numberOfImages', type: 'numberOfImages', meta: { confidence: 1, sensitive: false, entityId: 'ent-c1933dec6e', source: '2 images', start: 8, end: 16 }, data: { unit: undefined, value: '2 images' } } I used an exact same sentence that i used to train the bot with the intents. are intents not working fine ?