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The fact that the user must first either select one of the multiple choice options before he can use raw input makes for really confusing and bad UX on the users side. How could we simultaneously listen to both raw input and multiple choice input?
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Hey @bored-australia-39539, the single-choice capture type automatically listens for options if the user sends written text instead of pressing a button. So if, for example, I have a capture card that sends a message with buttons like:
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Please pick one:
[Foo] [Bar] [Baz]
And the user types (instead of clicking)
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I want Foo, please!
The capture card should treat that the same as if the user clicked the "Foo" button. I'm not sure if this is made clear in the documentation, though. I'll take a look at the docs and update them if need be.
Thanks @acceptable-kangaroo-64719 ! I'm aware, that's good for many work cases:) In my workflow I have raw input that's sent and received from an API. When the user receives the API response as text, the user is also represented with a few "Single Choice" options (To not get stuck in a API call loop). Is it possible present the user with "Single Choice" while still listen to the text input and in my case send that to my Raw input/API post workflow. Now I have to interupt the user waiting for them to choose "Ask more questions" for every question, not the best user experience. I've attached a screenshot to make it more clear. Thanks again

Ah! In that case, you just need to add an "on failure" transition back to your API node