Retrieve a Google docs link
# 🤝help
Hello everyone, I would like to generate a Google Docs document with the content of the information gathered in variables and then send the link in a chat. I have tried to generate the code, but I'm having trouble with Google authentication. The simplest solution for me would be to send a webhook with the information that I can then process with Make, considering that the content of the variables is HTML code (containing some tables) that will be processed as text in Google Docs. I would like to understand how to retrieve this link in the chat. I have seen that Botpress has webhook integration, which I assume works in reverse for data acquisition. So, the question is: Is there a quick method to integrate the webhook into a node, or do I always have to write code to retrieve the information? I hope I have explained myself clearly.

I would like to know more regarding the subject. If any one has any recent info.