Single Choice Question selection
# 🤝help
I'm new to this so bear with me. Im looking to have the bot ask a single choice question along the line of "So what were you looking for more information on?" A B C If the person selects A, the chat then provides the information. The bot will then respond "Anything else youre looking for information on?" ... now the options are only B C since they selected A last. The chat would have to recognize that A has been selected in the past. Is there a feature in bot press or would this have to be coded in some way? Thank you all for any insight.
This is probably not the most efficient way, but one option that popped in my head is creating a few different conditional transitions. One transition would lead to a node with options B and C if A is selected first, another with A and C if B is selected and then A and B if C is selected.
Yeah that was the way I was trying to avoid but It seems like it's the way to do it for the time being!
My current workflow was directing any response to a true statement, and then using code to generate the next message depending on what they chose, so that i could avoid creating a bunch of different branches. But I see now that creating normal branches for each response is the most straightforward way, albiet time consuming. In my case I only have 3 options to choose from but I imagine have 5+ would be a complete chore