Issue with internal prompt used by botpress for it...
# 🤝help
Hey there, Here's a screenshot of a chat I tried: It's a simple AI task which uses the conversation history to talk to a user.

Here's what the chat interface looks like. Nothing special.

Here's the AI task prompt. Again, as simple as it gets.

Here is the debugger info:

Now, here's the catch! I tried the same thing using openai's chat completion (which also uses gpt-3.5-turbo). And it gives the perfect answers.

This is just a simple example. There are many such examples that make "AI task" very difficult to work with(compared to openAI api calls), when working with chat history, and completion in general.
My best explaination for such a behavior is that maybe the internal prompt needs to be improved in botpress. Maybe botpress can provide an empty template for System, AI and Human messages, so that it's easier to get desired outputs.
@rich-battery-69172 could you please have a look at this?
@rich-lamp-98721 can you have a look at this please? It's really a blocking issue.
@plain-lifeguard-16679 Could you have a look too?
I ran to the same problem. I want to have an open loop of questions from user and answer from AI and it does not remember what was previously said despite {{conversation.SummaryAgent.summary}} in AI Task Input
Finally, someone I can relate to!
@brainy-fountain-4349 Sorry about that I do not work on that part of the code, I am definitely not the best person to help you with this!
actually, now when I have set up like this it remembers and refers to the previous question. The problem now is that it changes the language to the english even when the question is in polish. I think the summary agent does that and I don't know how to fix this.

would love to get help with any solution to this problem 🙏
@brainy-fountain-4349 also I would like to say, that the difference is that i have enabled knowledge base on this node so it remembers what i asked before IF the answer was found in KB and the next answer can also be found in KB. Still your example would not work probably 🤷‍♂️
Adding to that, the responses from the ai task are not reliable. I've tested aitask vs openai api on several tasks. The results tend to favor the latter, by a significant margin
No worries @plain-lifeguard-16679 could you suggest or tag someone from botpress who might be able to help on this?
you can try @acceptable-kangaroo-64719 or @red-rocket-93714 🙂
Thanks for tagging!
Yes, I am also following this tread. The issue with changing language every turn to english even if question was in polish is killing me, omg.
@square-magazine-33326 hey can you screenshot the conversation in the emulator with the debugger open and focused on the problematic message?
@square-magazine-33326 also if your bot is mono-language, you can turn off the language detection at every turn in the agents settings