Limited read rows form KnowledgeBase
# 🤝help
hey there, i try to add a list of rows ( 100 rows) but the bot can only read 32 ones . How i can fix it ? In below you will find the knowledgebase .
@acceptable-gold-88171 can you help please
Anyone can give me any advice to surpass this issue :/
did you try maybe splitting it up into 3-4 knowledge bases?
Maybe there is limit how many it can read
Spliting it is a good idea. I was wondering if you could also just merge related rows together.
I think the table format is what's causing issues, so maybe just convert every cell into a full "sentence". So if it's a real estate company called SuperMaxLux, and a cell represents a listing's price for 123 First avenue new york, You could have a line called SuperMaxLux, 123 First avenue new york price = 5000$ You should be able to do this with =concat(firstCell, secondCell) in excel / google sheets