GDPR compliance
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In order to cooperate with companies in the EU, especially when exchanging sensitive data or personal data, it is essential that the GPDR guidelines can be maintained. With the confirmation that Botpress complies with these guidelines we can build trust and be more successful in the market. But you guys already know that and I heard that you are planning this for Q4. Maybe you can prioritize this aspect and become GPDR compliant sooner. That would be awesome. Best regards from Switzerland.
Hi do you have a source for the planned implementation. I’m still waiting for a reply to an email. Can’t use botpress at all without GDPR..they actually should have this in place for all EU based addresses..there’s a bot called capacity which is compliant by the way
@adventurous-glass-22349 , @modern-nest-17055 info is accurate, we are actively working on European localisation, his roadmap is the latest.
other than localization, we do meet all the requirements
Hi all, Awesome news with the new US-EU privacy framework arriving last week, transfers of PII are once again permmited. We are currently in the process of self-certifying, which would make our solution 100% GDPR compliant, I will post an update as soon as we have it, new framework still getting acquainted with it. Don't worry, We will still be pursuing localisation at a future date.
Great. Localisation is not that big a deal (in some cases) as the gpdr compliance applies no matter where the data is hosted. If botpress accept paying clients with EU addresses then that client data MUST meet gpdr requirements...look forward to the priority implementation
Yeah some companies/govs go beyond GDPR in europe and don't accept data transfer and storage in Canada or US even though permitted under the right circumstances. For most the localisation should be a non-issue, especially if not a huge bureaucracy.
i'll update this post
bumping this issue. I am in a bot building discord in germany and this is the main talking point. no gdpr is a blocker for most b2b customers here. I imagine eu-wide since the fines can be substantial. No bigger international competitor I know of implemented it yet, it could be a competitive advantage to have it since it is quite a bloker. Can we see somewhere which aspects are on the roadmap when? - hosting in eu datacenter - right to forget (delete client conversations on demand) - would be great to get a privacy declaration that is valid so we don't have to all pay an expensive lawyer to create one (do we have to get consent before usage?) etc
I answered in the other thread let me know if you have questions
When asking the Botpress chatbot whether it is GDPR Compliant, as well as comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 (relevant to UK), it answers with a yes. I guess that we are good to go.