ability to stop the user from writing a message.
# 👀feature-requests
When we want to take a specific response from the user we use Single choice but the user still has the ability to answer by writing anything in the message box and once he writes something that is not supposed to be written the bot just breaks and that really is quite the problem. I want to have the ability to make the user not able to type anything he wants until he picks one of the choices and this may be added as an ability that I may use elsewhere perhaps not allowing the user to write a message while the bot is writing.
Hey @creamy-morning-45277, thanks for the feedback. This feature has been requested several times and is definitely noted by our product team. In the mean time, you can use "on failure" transitions for when the user asks a question out of the scope of the single choice you're in and transfer it to another node where you inform them that their question can't be answered, then transition back to the initial question. Obviously, this also depends on how you've set up your knowledge answering.