How does the AI task read information?
# 🤝help


07/17/2023, 6:32 AM
Just a more general question but i was wondering how the AI task reads information, for example google reads information inside quotation marks like this (" Purple t-shirt ") and thats what googles search engine will look for first. Just curious more than anything because it could help me understand the feature more and hopefully in the future it will have further updates to make it better.


07/17/2023, 2:10 PM
Simple bro when u use ai task u need to specify 3 things 1. Ai description: here you need to provide what should ai do like "take the last user input and answer to that input genuinely" 2. Ai input : here you need to give the input which will be sent to ai generally we submit variables or previous user chat history 3. Storing results: here we store the response sent by ai after evaluation of info in desired variable