internal passcode system
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Hello, I am wondering how I could potentially create some sort of internal passcode system. So let’s say I own multiple Airbnb properties, and someone booked a stay in one of them, well that guest would then get a user ID of which then can send to the chatbot on what’s app and then it gives them their booking information and unlocks the bots features for that property. The conversation might go something like this: Bot: Hello! Please enter your 4 digit user ID to login. User: 1234 Bot: Thank You! We see that you have booked a stay at [address]. Is this correct? User: Yes
take an expression card, and write "If the user writes exactly "password"", then create a path to the conversation that leads down to the property.
If you want had another expression, set it to true, connect it to a node with the text "Incorrect, retry", then reconnect it to the previous node
Hope this helps @hallowed-diamond-39179