Mobile preview and information storage,
# 🤝help
Hey Everyone! built my first bot last night to see what i can do but when I open the bot on my phone, it has not been resized for mobile, could I please get some assistance in what i am missing? Also, I have set up the basic stored information capture on my bot but struggling to figure out where that stored information is
Same bro I am also searching for the answer for this itself from a week but can't find a person or a exact answer. I created a bot and i want to write my custom frontend code and i want to connect the bot and frontend but I can't get a specific answer on this issue "kindly i request if you got the answer please share withe also iam a new user to discord I just installed discord to learn botpress so I don't know more how to get to this message back"
hi, i have the same problem and the botpress team hasnt responded to me yet
I am in the same boat as well, any help would be great!