hi robert. i heard its possible to use AI Tasks as...
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hi robert. i heard its possible to use AI Tasks as intents? been trying to find the answer to this the last couple of days, i wonder if you're able to assist? thanks for the great content by the way, the botpress definitions videos were a big help
I'm not sure I understand this question - what are you trying to do?
i'm not sure where i heard it - im pretty sure it was from one of the botpress videos
but apparently the "new" method of doing intents is by using AI tasks instead of the intent flow logic
I would say stay tuned to our youtube channel, we're planning on releasing a series covering the AI task in the near future
so this would likely be included in there!
ok thank you
one moe question if i may!
ive checked off Show "Created with Botpress" but it still shows after publishing and viewing via the share link
it says "built surprisingly quickly" which kind of makes it difficult to sell the bot xD
currently the only bot experience you can style is the webchat, which means accessing the bot via the small icon
the static URL (the one you access by clicking share in the studio) was originally meant for testing purposes only, so it doesn't support styling
however! due to overwhelming demand for it, we're hard at work building styling into that experience as well
so stay tuned 😄
we'll post in #1111016943370113174 as soon as that feature's ready
ok thanks
hello robert i hope you're well
i saw in the video today your a PhD holder from Oxford thats pretty cool
i wanted to ask if you're aware of an issue with the personality bot where it keeps greeting the user as if the conversation has restarted, disregarding the conversation transcript
its stressing me out big time
any help would be greatly appreciated
that's not an issue I'm aware of at the moment
so I'd suggest posting something in #1111009377525186570 with screenshots of what's going wrong & how you're using the conversation transcript
ok thanks