Can I embed a web form into BotPress?
# 🤝help
I was wondering if I would be able to embed a lead form into the BotPress chatbot to collect all the information from a user on my website. I'm assuming I'd use HTML, though I'm not to savvy in programming but I'd be willing to learn if I know that it is possible to create my own form to collect user information. As I feel it would be easier for a website user to fill out a form on their own if the conversation with the chatbot leads to the user wanting to book a meeting, instead of having to ask question after question. As my main goal with the Bot Press chat bot is for the user to have a natural feeling conversation with it, and it be as not a robotic premade Q&A for the user. I tried using ChatBase for a chatbot before and they were able to do this, though it didn't work 100% of the time, but if I can make a few questions for the user to see what their looking for, and then if it's appropriate provide them the form within the chatbot to quickly fill out. It would make the chatting experience a lot better and seamless. Any help would be greatly appreciated!