Does anyone know How to integrate webhook from Mak...
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I've seen people capture email on Botpress automate it to a Google Sheet using Zapier but there is not much content for Make that shows how to do it. Is there anyone who could help with integrating the webhook. There seems to be a problem when I try to add the webhook link from Make into the "Execute Code" Section. The overall purpose is to capture the email then automate it to Google sheets with Makes integration. However It always errors when I go through with the Chatbot. Pls could someone help. Here is the code for the zapier one so its easier to understand what I am trying to do.

I think it should be fairly similar. Do you get an error in the logs when calling Make's webhook? Could you show us?
Yea sure. The circled text is the webhook link. I basically replaced it with the zapier one as this chatbot is originally from the template of someone who used zapier. However I want to do the same function but instead with Makes's integration. However when I test it, the error shows

Hi ZeenoZV, have you solve the problem? I also have problems when I try to integrate Make into my botpress.