Hey i am getting an error while publishing the bot...
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Hey i am getting an error while publishing the bot can someone help me ?
Error sending outgoing message Bt [Error]: data must have required property 'options' at jr (/var/task/customer_code.js:8:27817) at kt (/var/task/customer_code.js:8:27597) at w (/var/task/customer_code.js:8:63453) at /var/task/customer_code.js:8:58991 at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:95:5) at async Object.flushSendMessages (/var/task/customer_code.js:253:77784) at async runDialogEngine (/var/task/customer_code.js:274:3660) at async startEventProcessing (/var/task/customer_code.js:274:3247) at async Object.onEvent (/var/task/customer_code.js:288:5054) at async Object.onMessage (/var/task/customer_code.js:288:4804) { isApiError: true, code: 400, description: "The provided data doesn't respect the provided JSON schema.", type: 'InvalidDataFormat', error: undefined }
This is the error after I publis the bot
But in studio test its working smooth
@broad-caravan-87727 on which channel does this happen?
over here
works fine my side?
Um now its working thanks
np, if you face this error again your side, type "//state/reset" in your chat to reset it
sometimes when testing you end up stuck in a workflow that doesn't exist anymore because you changed stuff and the conversation gets stuck
Thank you
Its working now @rich-battery-69172 thank you