Portuguese Language (From Portugal)
# 👀feature-requests
There are two main types of Portuguese speech, one from Portugal and the other from Brazil. The differences are little but noticeable. It would be great to have a way to select the Portuguese Country origin!
ChatGPT does pretty well with understanding regional accents. You can probably set something through the personality agent if you are looking for a specific regionality while answering as well.
For exemple, i can easily use quebec french and have perfect understanding, same as metropolitan french.
Thank you! Amazing idea, I will try the personality agent 😄
just to give you context: I have a knowledge Base, based on a website, and I would like the bot to answer the users question base on this KB and also in the users language. I was trying to use an AI Task but I am having trouble in capturing the KB output, in order to use it as input to the AI task... So I used only the KB and the Personality Re-write (instead of Translator agent), as you recommended. Sometimes the translation fails (I gave instructions to the Personality agent to answer in the users language.