Portuguese Language (From Portugal)
# 🤝help
Is there a way to make the chatbot speak portuguese form Portugal, instead of Brazil?
Have you tried using personality re-write to do this instead of the translator agent?
thank you! that is an amazing idea 🙂
i will try it as soon as possible


I tried this solution but, sometimes it answers in the correct language and someties it doesnt. I would like to see the bot detect de users language.
just to give you context: I have a knowledge Base, based on a website, and I would like the bot to answer the users question base on this KB and also in the users language. I was trying to use an AI Task but I am having trouble in capturing the KB output, in order to use it as input to the AI task... So I used only the KB and the Personality Re-write (instead of Translator agent), as you recommended. Sometimes the translation fails (I gave instructions to the Personality agent to answer in the users language.
and should I add this info in the KB or in the personality agent??? thank you a lot!
@acceptable-gold-88171 your awsome!
personality agent!
thank you!!!!