Execute code issue
# 🤝help
Hey guys, I've seen a few more people with the issue but I haven't been able to find the answer. Whenever I create a prompt in the execute code card it will initially generate the code I ask it to However, when I try to click on this code to access the 'code editor' it will reset to default. I'm then unable to add any code as I get the message "Cannot edit in read-only mode". Clicking the blue sparkles (disabling them) give me access to edit the code from scratch, but I cannot seem to be able to edit the code it generates from the prompt. I appreciate any help you can give me and apologise if this is a simple issue as I'm very new. Cheers!




I don't know why it happens, but when it does I just delete the card and use a new one with the same prompt
oh! that's not very intuitive but it's a feature 😛 It's basically one or the other, ie. you can use the code generation or you can turn it off, but you can't easily switch between the two seamlessly. I'll add a feature request for this
Thanks @flat-lion-15574 and @rich-battery-69172 I really appreciate the help and that seems to have made it work for now, and that feature would make it much better!