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I'm trying to create a customer service bot - one of the cards answers questions from a raw input variable - but when the knowledge base doesnt have the answer and the bot cannot answer the question i dont know how send the flow in a different direction. the inital direction goes into an "any other questions" loop but i want to create a different direction of flow for questions the bot doesnt know the answer to. Any help is much appreciated ! 🙂 I've tried using an expresion that is labelled "No answer found" but the bot goes down both paths (down the no answer and had an answer routes)
Can you add a screenshot of your flow?
Sure - I have selected the expression I am having trouble with 🙂


Hi @quiet-sugar-73946 , This is the wrong condition, you will find a lot of useful info in the JSON tab in the debugger:


So your condition should be something like