Modifying stackai query
# 🤝help
Hey guys!! I am making a chatbot for a car dealership. I have connected stackai with a csv of the dealership's inventory. When the user inquires about a car, the chatbot is able to provide some options according to the description. I am having a problem if the customer would like to modify the search. This is the code I put in the execute code block. It seems not to work as I am getting an error message. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong or how they can help me? // Add your stack AI endpoint URL in place of "YOUR_STACK_AI_ENDPOINT_URL" const endpoint = "" // Add your stack AI API key in place of "xxx" const headers = { Authorization: 'Bearer xxxxx', "Content-Type": "application/json" } // Concatenate carWant1 and carWant2 with a space in between and add prompt const combinedCarWant - workflow.carWant1 + " . Now considering this modification: " + workflow.carWant2; const data = { "in-0": workflow.carWant1, } try { const response = await, data, { headers }) workflow.apiResponse =["out-0"] } catch (error) { throw new Error('stack-error: ${error}')