I'm getting a 401 incorrect API key error anytime ...
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I'm getting a 401 incorrect API key error anytime botpress tries to extract a variable from user input, a name to be specific in this case. Whenever I prompt the user to input a name and store that in a name variable my bot stalls out and I get an error because it was not able to extract the name from the user input. Looks like its botpress using chatgpt on the backend to extract user info for those kinds of fields and the API is saying its not working for me. I did copy import this bot from another one i made (and exported) if that makes a difference. Here's the error log:
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DM Error while executing hook conversation_turn_ended of agent "SummaryAgent"
HTTP (post) URL chat-gpt/query
Received "Invalid bot API key provided"
Request failed with status code 401
I'm not actually able to tell what's going on here - would you be able to take a screenshot of your bot + these logs and post your question over in #1111009377525186570 ?
Can do!
^ Heres the help question