An API endpoint to add Knowledge to Bots.
# 👀feature-requests
Currently there does not seem to be a way to add knowledge via the API. Adding this would be a game changer for our usecase.
This feature would be useful for me as well.
Are you working with the cloud studio or the SDK? We're currently working on our chatbots using the cloud studio, but I think as things get more sophisticated it would be smart to switch entirely to the SDK. Using the SDK you can do pretty much everything while still leveraging the BP Infrastructure.
I totally agree, this feature would definitely be a game-changer for knowledge bases
Hey what about an API for Tables, then having Tables be a source for KBs?
What is the SDK, is that v12? (My understanding is that v12 has less functionality and is deprecated.)
You can already do this using flowise or langchain APIS...