How can I Integrate manually my configuration in N...
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Hi , for example I have the basic next.js page: import Image from 'next/image' import styles from './page.module.css' export default function Home() { return ( Ai Mortgage Specialist  by FarahAI ) } I want to integrate the fullscreen configuration this one: // Import the Botpress WebChat JavaScript file // Initialize the Botpress WebChat with the required parameters window.botpressWebChat.init({ // Replace and with your actual bot and client IDs "botId": "", "clientId": "", // Set the URL for the Botpress WebChat JavaScript file and the messaging server "hostUrl": "", "messagingUrl": "", // Set the name of the bot that will be displayed in the WebChat interface "botName": "Test", // Set the width of the WebChat container and layout to 100% (Full Screen) "containerWidth": "100%25", "layoutWidth": "100%25", // Hide the widget and disable animations "hideWidget": true, "disableAnimations": true, }); // Opens up the Chatbot by default // This lets users start chatting with the Chatbot without needing to click any buttons or menus. window.botpressWebChat.onEvent( function () { window.botpressWebChat.sendEvent({ type: "show" }); }, ["LIFECYCLE.LOADED"] );