My first bot is taking forever to get published
# 🤝help
Hi I just made my first bot and wanted to test it in production. For that I clicked "Publish" and... Just see "Publishing" for minutes and nothing happens. Tried this a few times refreshing the page. Still nothing. The bot is EXTREMELY simple and doesn't use external APIs. It has knowledge base though: 1 text file a few hundred kb and 1 PDF - less than 200 kb. What may be wrong and how to fix this? Thank you 🙏
Tried to create another bot, even more simple and without a knowledge base. Same thing
Clearing cookies didn't help. I'm on Safari MacOS
Logging in and publishing from Chrome (for the first time) worked! Could you confirm that BotPress user interface is not fully compatible with Safari MacOS and pubslishing doesn't work there? Or is it a temporary problem?
good to know this is a temporary issue with Safari as I had the same problem tonight.