401 error in API request
# 🤝help
[SOLVED] Hello everybody! I hope everyone is doing great here. I am thrilled to be a new member of this community. I am following the "How to call an API (3/10)" YT tutorial, but I am encountering the 401 error. I have already assigned the API Key as a value to an environmental variable. I am using the "execute code" action and this is the prompt: "GET request from the following endpoint: https://api.spoonacular.com/recipes/complexSearch and the parameters are apiKey:env.spoonacular and query:workflow.returned_answer, number:'3', sort:'popularity', addrecipeinformation:'true', if the response is 200 then store it as a text in recipeinfo variabl" I spent a couple of hours testing different prompt's wording and punctuation, and I realized a tiny change, like a comma or a space, sometimes makes a significant difference in the code. However, I couldn't figure out what is wrong. Could anyone please help me with this issue? Thank you in advance.


did you added your api key in the settings in bot press