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07/21/2023, 12:12 PM
hello maybe insert a extra node (1 or 2) with additional options. For example new first node. "what is your level" and de 2nd node content overview so that someone can choose, for example: Lesson 1: Basic Concepts and Notation Introduction to music notation (notes, rests, barlines, clefs) Reading notes on the staff (note values and their duration) Time signatures and rhythm Lesson 2: Pitch and Intervals The musical alphabet and understanding scales Intervals: prime, second, third, fourth, etc. Scales and key signatures Lesson 3: Chords and Harmony Triads and chord symbols (major, minor) Chord progressions and harmonic analysis Harmonizing a melody Lesson 4: Melody and Melodic Analysis Elements of a melody (motives, phrases, periods) Analyzing melodies in different musical styles Lesson 5: Rhythm and Rhythmic Analysis Rhythmic patterns (syncopation, triplets, etc.) Analyzing rhythmic structures in musical pieces Lesson 6: Form and Composition Musical forms (binary, ternary, rondo, etc.) Analyzing musical structures and forms Lesson 7: Harmonic Progression and Modulation Modulating to different key signatures Understanding complex chord progressions Lesson 8: Counterpoint and Polyphony Introduction to counterpoint and voice leading Writing simple contrapuntal exercises Lesson 9: Ear Training Ear training exercises for interval recognition and chords Developing perfect pitch Lesson 10: Recap and Project You can also use the ai task. Good luck. Regenerate response