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We hope this message finds you well. We are actively seeking a skilled and innovative AI Developer to join our team and spearhead cutting-edge AI initiatives. Job Title: AI Developer - Custom Chatbots, AI Data Analysis, Lead generation Responsibilities: 1. Custom Chatbot Development: Utilize your expertise in AI and NLP to create custom chatbot solutions that enhance customer interactions, provide personalized recommendations, and streamline lead generation processes. 2. Social Media Lead Generation: Develop AI-powered strategies to maximize lead generation through social media platforms, leveraging data analysis and user behavior insights to optimize campaigns and increase conversions. 3. AI Data Analysis: Utilize advanced AI algorithms to analyze vast datasets, uncover hidden patterns, and provide valuable insights that lead to data-driven decision-making and improved conversion rates. 4. Technology Research: Stay at the forefront of AI technologies and industry trends, applying the latest advancements to develop innovative solutions that give our company a competitive edge. We believe that your exceptional skills and talent can drive our company's success to new heights. If you are passionate about AI and excited to create custom chatbots, optimize lead generation, and employ data-driven strategies to increase conversion rates, we'd love to have you join our team! DM us if you’re interested