Logs Disappeared
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I dont know what happened to the logs , i saw them yesterday they were there my bot is working fine but not showing any logs


Hi, someone will get back to you on this.
Hi @orange-spring-65968 the logs currently only display the most recent logs (for performance reasons) but we'll be changing this very soon to always display the last N lines of the logs instead, no matter how old the logs are.
can i know when will we be able to see that
I don't think there is a way for you to view older logs
@orange-spring-65968 This change should be implemented within the next two weeks so that the logs show older logs and not just the recent logs.
oh ok
any alterantive
tilll then
like botpress inbox
i am a nocode guy , cant run code and all
Not for the time being, but if you interact with your bot you should see recent logs right away.
when i am using api to get the messages , i am only getting that single message


like this ,
i want the whole conversation with all the messages in it ,
as i have the conversation id , user id and webchat id
is there any api call i can send to get those , like this


From the 2nd screenshot you shared it looks like you're retrieving a specific message by it's ID? In order to list all the messages of a conversation you need to use the List Messages endpoint: https://docs.botpress.cloud/docs/api-documentation/#list-messages
If you're still having trouble feel free to export the request from Postman and share it with us so we can take a look at the parameters to double check.
if you dont mind can you send me a sample postman get request for listing all the messages in a conversation
my x-bot-id: ffe14f59-f311-4915-8717-0523cb26a451
my recent conversation id is 20d2571b-428a-49c6-8c67-4028efe39a9b
is this right?


but even after mentioning the conversation id , the api is giving me back all the conversations messages
the conversation ID needs to be passed as a query string parameter instead of a header, try adding
followed by your conversation ID at the end of the URL
yes man its working
i just have one question
if i pass the list conversations call
will it list all the conversation ids happened till now
or will it only show latest conversation ids only?
It will show the most recent messages first, then you can use the
value provided in the API response to get more messages, as each response is currently limited to 20 results at a time
got it
i have integrated zapier to store the user information in google sheets
the code is succesffuly executing while testing in the studio
but when i deployed it in telegram
its not capturing the data , is there some sort of restriction or something wrong with the bot
you can test the bot here by giving sample info - @testnewtessst_bot
i have placed this code in executable - workflow.zapierSuccess = false const leadData = { name: workflow.name, email: workflow.phone, number: workflow.email } try { const response = await axios.post('https://hooks.zapier.com/hooks/catch/15728098/31h876n/', leadData) console.log(response.data) workflow.zapierSuccess = true } catch (error) { console.error(error) }
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