Is it possible to store URL Links in variables?
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Hey guys, having an issue when trying to use URL Links inside variables. I have an execute code that assigns a specific link to @customLink whenever a condition is met. Now, when I try to prompt this on the next card there is a problem. 1. In a "Text" card", when I only put "@customLink", the link works fine. 2. When I put [Link](@customLink), it still becomes a clickable hyper-linked text, but the URL address changes to a weird one, and NOT the one from the execute code card. (see attached image) Note: I'm using the "string" variable type, but have tried with the "target" & "object" and still same outcome. Big chance this is already possible and I'm just missing something but I'm wondering if it's possible to have a hyper-linked piece of text (hyper-linked to the url stored in the @customLink variable)? I mean the core functionality works with just having the raw link, but it's not optimal and kinda ugly tbh haha. Use case is basically instead of it saying "", it instead says "Take Me There" and it's hyperlinked to "". Please let me know if this is possible

Thats the link I am being forwarded to when trying [Link here](@customLink)
@high-hairdresser-55419 can you try {{workflow.customLink}} instead?