Node not found
# 🤝help
Im trying to implement a boolean case to exit from a node based on when a user picks yes or no. no means exit the workflow and go back to the question in the main flow. it doesnt work and it just says "An unexpected error occurred. [Error, Node not found. . Flow: wf-afbf548bf2 | Node: nd-2070b51ed6. This error should not happen unless your conversation is in a corrupted state (eg. in progress on an older version of the chatbot). To reset your conversational manually, say "//state/reset" to your chatbot to force the state to reset." i tried resetting it to no avail. I know this is the right process since it worked on the first node but as I redirected 10 of them on the node i got that error. maybe theres a limit to how many paths you can connect?

its a bit messy but basically user tells their medical symptoms, bot reads their intent and redirects to workflow, if user confirms it proceeds but if not theyll be prompted to state the question again
im not sure thats the most efficient use of botpress flows maybe theres another more data saving way to do this but im new so thats what i got for now. which is why im concerned about the size of which botpress can handle
I don't believe there is a limit in terms of the number of nodes that can be connected to one another. @early-train-33247 Can you please have a look?
wait it works now, let me try a few more times
before its like this

Ok please, keep us posted!