Is there a way to avoid the dropdown menu being cu...
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I have a lot of options in a drop down menu at the start of the conversation so it gets cut off by the info bar on top. Is there a way to avoid this short of getting the AI to speak a bit more before sending it?

you could adjust the height of your chat container to be taller?
but beyond that I'm not sure!
@bright-magazine-792 can you help us here? Meanwhile, did you try our And did you check our documentation about customization?
how many options do you have in your choice?
do you want the options to be on top of the chatbot header?
can you share your bot here?
Not sure if this will help you or not, but I was able to adjust the direction of the Drop down to show downward by telling it to inherit position in the css stylesheet. .css-1w9j89e-menu { position: inherit; }