The bot will always answer to the knowledge if you...
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The bot will always answer to the knowledge if you enable the knowledge answering on the node. To send a user somewhere conditionnaly, you need to add a transition on the node. In your screenshot, you are using the capture "Raw Input", which is to capture exactly what the user just typed so you can store it in a variable. It will always ask a question before capturing the user's answer. You always have access to the user's input in {{event.payload.text}}, so you don't need the raw input for that situation
i don't know why i am getting error on emulator and also i don't know why the conversation is end the error i got in emulator
for now i understand how create a knowledge bot by watching this

but Question ==== in this same create a knowledge bot i want to do this below flow how? what if user ask question is not in knowledge ? i want to capture the user name and email and then use knowledge bot to allow users to repeatedly query knowledae base without asking question If user say HI in every begining of chat the knowledge is not responding