Not sure why I am having a network error with Stac...
# 🤝help
Code: "// Add your stack AI endpoint URL in place of "YOUR_STACK_AI_ENDPOINT_URL" const endpoint = "https:" // Add your stack AI API key in place of "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE" const headers = { Authorization:
Bearer KEY
, "Content-Type": "application/json" } const data = { "in-0": workflow.question, } try { const response = await, data, { headers }) workflow.apiResponse =["out-0"] } catch (error) { throw new Error(
stack-error: ${error}
) } " Error: "Request: in-0:"step by step instructions to model a bund" Error: Network Error Logs (3 items - 1 error) Execute code "inline-ins-da11aea0e0.js" Error executing action "inline-ins-da11aea0e0.js" in flow:Main:node:StackAIQuery [Error, stack-error: AxiosError: Network Error] Entering workflow (flow:Error) [node:Entry] from (flow:Main) [node:StackAIQuery]"
did you try out gordon's post?
@freezing-printer-49373 I have not! Where is the post?
I have posted something about StackAI in the #1132033181076443147 channel ! @blue-pilot-76879