No-Prompt Option on Capture cards
# 👀feature-requests
I don't see this in feature-requests. It was in another discussion somewhere and may have scrolled off into oblivion. 😉 Copying here: It seems unnatural to keep saying "ask me anything" or "Do you have any more questions?" or whatever. No matter how clever and random those prompts are, a natural conversation would not have them. "What is the address? The address is x. When is the check-in date? The check-in date is y. Are pets allowed? Yes bring them. Woof. :)" Insert one of those prompts after each answer and it is not natural. Maybe an approach that meets @Guilhermy 's UX concern but is more natural would be to have an option to display the prompt in italics or slightly greyed out, so it would not be read as part of the dialogue. Then we could say "listening..." or something like that.