How do I display an image I received from an API c...
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I have the URL from a call to the Google Static Maps API but I can’t figure out how to have the bot display it to the user? Can someone please point me to the answer?
Okay - a URL does work in the image field of a card - but the problem is that the URL includes my Api key. So what is the best way to show this image to the user without risking exposing my API key? Is there any temporary file space on the BotPress cloud server that I can download it to and get a new URL for - or do I need to save it in Google Cloud or AWS S3?
Ok - so I created an account on imgbb and after I download it from Google Maps, I upload it to ImgBB and then provide that link to the visitor. But that feels cumbersome. Is there an easier way to do this completely within BotPress Cloud?