CSS Issues
# 🤝help
Hey, just looking for some insight into why Botpress is calling the mobile media query (max-width:767px) even though the browser size is 1920 x 1080. I can see in dev tools that the larger screen sizes are appearing as styles but for some reason it uses the mobile size. On top of that, if I put @media (min-width: ) every line of css that is contained within a min-width is not visible as a style. Meanwhile max-width works fine, however like in the first paragraph it doesn't actually function properly. If I use supports (min-width: ) and (max-width: ) I am able to see it in the list, however it hasn't sorted out the mobile size being called on desktop size screens tested on multiple browsers and site hosts (webflow and wordpress) and have noticed the same issue. Not sure if its me causing the error, but would love some insight into the CSS customisation



I'm having the same issue. Did you work it out?