can’t see all of bot
# 🤝help
I’ve been adjusting my bot height, radius etc. in the styler for a while and just can’t get it to the right height to show all my text. I have a multiple choice drop-down menu with 7 options. No matter what I do I can’t get more than 5 of them to show up on desktop, and just 3 on iPhone. If you want to check it out I have the bot on this sample page: Any help would be awesome
@acceptable-kangaroo-64719 lol
Why 7 options in 1? Maybe less or group them up

Dont think thats the right response
When you say you can't get more than 5 to show up, do you mean show up at all on the page, show up with out scrolling, or something else?
Without scrolling. But # for some reason I’m not able to scroll. If you want to see what I mean the bot is on this page:
I see 7 on my side. But you can use CSS to make the whole widget bigger and customize a bunch of other things. For example