Set bot to only answer in one language (Spanish) n...
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Hello, I've set the translator agent and tried many method to set the language of the bot (hard coded, set user language, automatically detect) but when generating a response from the knowledge base (which is in spanish) it always translate the message back to english. In the dev environment it shows the message in the correct language but then it automatically translates it back. Once published it always answers in english. How can I set it permanently to one language?
What language is your bot?
I mean the information in the bot itself
Did you apply personality?
Can you send me a screenshot of your personality, translator and one fo the flow?
Hi, thanks for the follow up. Here are the screenshot for the translataor and knowledge agent. I have not applied a personality agent. Also a screenshot of the two methods I've tried to set the langauge in the flow

I had this same issue using my KB in Spanish. They mentioned in other post that this is an issue with the gpt3.5 part of KB translating(can’t find it now). As a work around I translated the KB and uploaded it in English
The work around solved the issue and now the bot is answering in the correct language. Thanks for the tip!