Help with redirecting the user.
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Context - A node has a multiple choice option where each choice will redirect the user to a different node. Task - I want to redirect the user to a particular node if the user sends a text message rather than clicking on an option. How do I do it?
Hello Sarthak you could set the node to transition based on the channel. This handled in the variable. Here is a screen shot of what this transition would look like, assuming you are using twilio for your SMS integration.

You can find the channel name in the JSON option of the bottom panel

Sorry I just reread this and feel dumb
You can add an transition that recognizes the event payload type is text
Here is a screen shot of wha that looks like.

i would also recommend setting the retries to 0 on the Single Choice Skill so it does not try to re-prompt.

Thank you so much, Sara. It really helped a lot.
You are most welcome. Glad I could help.